Saddle up, it’s a gross one

Having worked at Subway I know better than to trust a food handler wearing gloves. During my sandwich artist days I rarely changed gloves as often as needed, and almost never washed my hands before gloving-up. And I’m not alone.

The Phoenix New Times food blog, Chow Bella
, has a section dedicated to exposing dirty diners, appropriately called Gross Out. Today’s feature is Saddle Ranch Chop House of Glendale, Arizona. Gross Out highlights findings from the restaurant’s latest inspection.

 From the report:

"Employee observed to wash hands then pull dirty towel out of back pocket and dry hands with towel."

"Observed employee on cook line to dip gloved finger into sauce and lick sauce off of finger then continue to handle ready-to-eat foods."

"No paper towels or approved hand-drying devices at handwash sinks in all bars."…

Gross indeed. You never know where that finger (or glove) has been.