Technology in the classroom – anything goes

Every year I provide an intro food safety culture/stuff lecture to the veterinary students at Kansas State University. Always a good time in Pat Payne’s class, and the students have usually worked in food service and have stories to tell. This morning, the students even applauded when I trashed Chipotle for advertizing about the hypothetical risks associated with hormones rather than the things that make people barf – E. coli, salmonella, hepatitis A and norovirus.

The students all have computers, wireless access, cell phones, blackberries – there is no way to BS anyone; they are checking in real time.

I put up the slide below that Ben made a few weeks ago, to illustrate where food safety ranks in overall food culture concerns, and a student came up to me after class and said,

“I called the number. They don’t have anything about Phelps anymore. Your slide is out of date.”

Well played, sir.

At least they seemed to get a kick out of my line,

“Subway didn’t drop Phelps cause they know a lot of stoners eat subs.”