Bad TV, good advice

TLC, the same channel that’s home to the popular show Jon and Kate Plus 8, aired I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant last night, and I’m embarrassed to say I watched it. 

Before commercial breaks the show posed questions to viewers, one of which was: True or false, pregnant women should not consume unpasteurized milk or cheeses? I answered true, and I was correct.

Pregnant women should avoid certain foods including unpasteurized milk, or foods made with it as these foods may contain Listeria, which can cause premature delivery, miscarriage, still birth, or serious health problems in a newborn. In addition to unpasteurized milk, some soft cheeses, luncheon meats, refrigerated smoked seafood and soft serve ice cream should be avoided. A full list is available from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, here

That’s Kate Gosselin, TLC’s ratings booster, right, while pregnant with sextuplets.