Best beer movies of all time

Boatloads of beer can mean barf.

And with the opening today of the movie Beer Wars, Digital City decided to produce a best beer movies list. For those playing at home, the criteria for this list is that the movie either features great beer games or that the movie would have no story without beer. The list does not discriminate between good or bad movies.

Strange Brew (right) may be the greatest beer movie of all time. Max Von Sydow plans on taking over the world with a beer additive that allows him to control those who drink it. In one scene, Rick Moranis saves himself from drowning in vat of beer by drinking it. Their how-to on how to get a free beer: putting a mouse inside. It’s timeless because it works.

The rest are irrelevant, but are included for curiosity:

Artie Lange’s Beer League


Revenge of the Nerds (with Booger, left)

The Saddest Music in the World