Blame the Easter Bunny

130 patrons of Noto’s Old World Italian restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI became ill after eating an Easter brunch buffet last weekend reports WZZM.

The Kent County Health Department says that of the 176 people that they have interviewed who ate at [the restaurant], 130 have reported symptoms of the illness, including vomiting and diarrhea.

A separate station, Grand Rapids News, indicated the restaurant reopened Thursday night after voluntarily closing and sanitizing.

Health officials are interviewing patrons and awaiting tests of stool samples, said spokeswoman Bridie Kent.

She continued,

"It’s not safe to say it was food-borne at this point, it’s possible it was spread another way.”

Buffets have been linked to illnesses in the past, including an E.coli O111 outbreak at a Ladies Tea, and a norovirus outbreak at a Norwegian hotel.