Shades Restaurant serves shady food

In Columbus, Ohio diners have restaurant inspection information readily available to them – inspection reports are posted on the Public Health website, and colour-coded signs are displayed conspicuously at restaurant premises.

Making inspection results accessible to the public may help consumers make dining decisions, but it won’t necessarily prevent restaurants from serving shady food. NBC 4i reports that during a March 19th inspection Shades Restaurant received 11 critical violations, an inspection that lead to a review by local health officials to determine what actions will be taken against the eatery.

Inspectors found alleged unsafe practices, including cross-contamination of raw and ready-to-eat foods, unclean food surfaces and improper date-marking.

Shades Restaurant has received poor inspection results in the past.

Food-safety inspectors found similar issues in 2008, and the owner voluntarily shut down the business for four months.

Marc Ryder, manager of Shades Restaurant, said,

“Since we reopened, we’ve seen over 8,000 people. We serve great food. Great prices. And, it’s a historical landmark in Columbus.”

Ryder didn’t boast about the safety of Shades food for a reason I suppose.