Wacky women at the Waffle House

On Sunday my Kansas family and I went out for brunch at a local restaurant. I ordered French toast, which I was less than impressed with, but since it was a busy day I didn’t throw my breakfast at the waitress.

An angry South Carolina Waffle House patron did throw a waffle at her waitress, which lead to an altercation involving a gun, reports WLTX.com.

 [Crystal Samuel] didn’t get what she came for. Instead, she says while she waited for her order, her friends started eating. That’s when Samuel says she was told they couldn’t eat from carryout trays inside the restaurant.

The two proceeded to have a verbal argument inside the restaurant, and Samuel admits,

"I did actually throw some food but it didn’t hit her. That’s when she [Yakeisha Ward, the waitress] jumped across the counter and we got into it."

The altercation moved outside, where Ward went to her car, got a gun, and attempted to shoot Samuel.

Ward has bonded out of jail. On Tuesday afternoon, News 19 found her inside the Waffle House where the incident happened.