Jason Mraz on how to wipe your azz

For the past few weeks my morning routine has involved listening to the radio while making myself presentable, and it seems like every morning the same songs play. One of the radio-repeat songs is titled “I’m Yours” and is sung by Jason Mraz, a fellow blogger.

In an attempt to save the planet, Mr. Mraz provides tips for using less toilet paper,

– Start small. Challenge yourself to use only 8 squares in your session. We’ve all been in that place where it’s close to the cardboard roll and you have to be MacGuyver to make a clean get-away. This will force you to get creative while taking good care of each square.

– Use both sides. I mean that. I bet some people are afraid to look at or get close to their own skid-marks. But I say it’s better to know how your body’s handling the business of your health. Fold the paper again and again using a clean angle from the very same square. There’s a lot of real estate wasted on each sheet when you only wipe once.

– Should you find the paper too thin and become the victim of too many breakthroughs, try using a stronger material as a backing. This worked when I was camping. The paper wasn’t holding up in the dampness of camp, so I used a leaf to give the paper more strength from behind. Plus the leaf was textured, which handled the job with far more efficiency than just the paper by itself.

Though I found Mr. Mraz’s post quite entertaining, I wish he would have mentioned the importance of handwashing post-wipe, especially when one of these MacGuyver techniques fails and you get a bit of breakthrough. Oh, and the picture, right, is what he originally posted on Myspace.