Fireworks, food safety and bad, bad stuf

As the fireworks continue in the background, Amy and I are working in bed and put on a terrible, 1972 movie, 1776, which turns out to be a musical about American Independence starring Ken-The-White-Shadow Howard as Thomas Jefferson and William-I-was-on-St.Elsewhere-and the-voice-of-Kit-on-Knight-Rider Daniels as John Adams.

It’s so bad it reminded me of a song we think Oprah commissioned called, America is Beautiful, written by Canadian David Foster.

Truly bad (below).

Amy and I would like to dedicate this song to Canadians Ben and Dani and Jack, who are enjoying their first Independence Day in the fireworks capital of North Carolina, and ex-pat Katie who is in New Zealand, but had the misfortune of watching this song when it aired on Oprah (always something on in the background).

America’s great, but this song is horrible. So are Americans running around with fireworks, which have been going off for three days. And the food safety … it can be improved.