A grade laughs with Dane Cook

Rhys Darby, or Murray off of Flight of the Conchords is hilarious. Last night I watched one of his stand-up routines and nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard. I then proceeded to watch Dane Cook – Isolated Incident. It was not as funny; however, the venue for the routine, the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, CA appeared to have received an A-grade during its inspection (see picture, right).

In L.A. food establishments are awarded an A, B, or C grade based on their most recent inspection score, and are required to display this grade in a visible location (like a window or door). The grades are also available online, here.

I wouldn’t award Dane an A for laughter, but my buddy Rhys on the other hand, he’s all A’s. I hope to get see him in November when he pops by Wellington.