Aye mate, there’s an app for that!

Whether it’s a personal poop tracking system or toilet locations you’re after it seems there’s an iPhone app for that. The latest in cool apps is a restaurant inspection disclosure application developed for New South Wales in Australia, reports the Sydney Morning Herald Online.

A new iPhone app will tell you if a nearby restaurant has been fined for breach of food safety standards. The application, FoodWatch NSW, brings the Food Authority’s name-and-shame list to your fingertips by using the iPhone’s GPS to show you a list of restaurants near your location that have been added to the list.

The tool gives the user the ability to view the list any time, wherever the user is.
Some of the main features include a map where one can view, pan and zoom around to all the nearby penalised restaurants. And just like the Food Authorities’ name and shame list, it won’t show penalties that are older than 12 months…

Chief executive officer of the company that generated the app, Keith Ahern, said

"While I think a lot of restaurants aren’t happy about it [the list], you can see the information and make your own decision.”

The free app uses information from the NSW Food Authority website, located here.

Let’s throw another shrimp on the barbie!