Is “There’s an app for that.” the new “That’s what she said.”

Being an Office fan, "That’s what she said" has not jumped the shark for me; but being an iPhone owner, "There’s an app for that" has.

I’m not all loaded up with apps, and tend to stick with the low risk free ones. Today I splurged and spent $.99 on Poop the World (thanx Gonzo for the suggestion).

I just downloaded it and the opening screen says "Get started! Track your bowel movements in real-time, share with friends, and strive for recognition in a fun and civilized manner!"

Okay. You had me at bowel movements.

This app is a bit like playing Tony Hawk, there are achievement levels like "The Daily Quad" (4 poops in a day) and "Sir Deuce-a-lot" (20 poops in a week).

The poop database is also sortable. So I’ve got that going for me. If you wish to follow, I’m at Defender of the can.

It appears that you can follow the poops at While it’s all fun, maybe there is a google analytics/flu tracking aspect to this. Poop the world might be an early indicator of a national foodborne illness outbreak.

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