UK: Llay Fish Bar owner says restaurant is not E.coli source

In a move unlikely to better Llay Fish Bar’s reputation, owner Ramazan Aslan insisted his restaurant was not the source of the Wrexham E.coli outbreak which has sickened four, including a three-year old girl, reports Wales Online.

Ramazan Aslan insisted his takeaway is “clean” and council inspectors have not proven it was the cause of the outbreak.

Mr. Aslan stated,

“Nobody knows where it came from. They can’t say, ‘I got E.coli from the Llay Fish Bar’. The council took samples and didn’t find anything from the shop. We are clean. I don’t know why they just blame the Llay Fish Bar.”

Karen Morrisroe-Clutton (pictured right) and four-year- old Abigail Hennessey, both from Wrexham, were left seriously ill after eating at the takeaway in August. Abigail recovered several weeks ago, while Mrs Morrisroe-Clutton, 32, remains in intensive care at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Two other people also fell ill, but did not require hospital treatment.

The four people who became ill after dining at Llay Fish Bar likely don’t care whether the restaurant owner thinks he made them sick. And it’s unlikely the restaurant was selected at random as a potential source of the outbreak –which Mr. Aslan alludes to.