Fat Duck spared, chippy owner charged by local council after E. coli O157 illnesses

The Fat Duck sickened 529 customers with norovirus, adopted a ridiculous PR strategy, and continues to blame others even though employees were working sick. The local council decided not to prosecute.

The Llay Fish Bar, thought to be the source of an E. coli O157 outbreak that sickened four including a new mother left in a coma, will be prosecuted by the Wrexham Council.

It’s like television sports presenter and Fat Duck norovirus victim Jim Rosenthal said a couple of days ago:

“If it was a café at a lay-by doing what he did they would have been taken to court long ago.”

Boxing promoter Frank Warren, who is also still awaiting compensation, said,

"The whole way they have handled this has been a disaster from start to finish. To hear that the council isn’t going to take him on doesn’t surprise me – it’s just because of who he is rather than what he’s done or not done.”