Grimy grub at Texas restaurant

Having never been to Texas, much of what I picture when I think of the state comes from creepy child pageant shows where mothers dress their daughters in outrageous outfits and coat them in self-tan. I should probably visit Texas just to dispel these odd visions.

When and if I do visit, I won’t be dining at La Cocina De Susana in San Antonia. According to, the Mexican-style restaurant has had three follow up inspections and multiple violations this year.

During a recent inspection, the health inspector found employees using grocery and black trash bags to store food. There was also no soap or towels at any sink in the restaurant for employees or customers to clean their hands.

All the violations added up to 48 demerits. Anything higher than 30 is considered a poor score.

Nearly eight months ago, the restaurant received 58 demerits on an inspection. Back then, evidence of roaches and rodents was found and the restaurant shut down to clean things up.

No one would speak with us on camera, but an employee did tell us they are continuing to work on all the problems.