Is that the entr??e or are you just happy to see me? Nude barbecue in Oregon

Sub Rosa describes itself as a virtual restaurant & secret bar located in Dundee, Oregon. By day, it’s a lunch room for the distillery office and stealth drop in bistro with thundering tunes, WiFi Internet connections and a limited lunch menu. By night, when we are open, it’s an underground fine dining restaurant and spirits bar.

Today, Sub Rosa posted on its web site that,

It will come to no surprise to many that Sub Rosa has a clothing optional policy.

This ‘tradition’ started with our wait staff. It was late July – the week of the annual International Pinot Noir Celebration and it was quite hot outside. We had to chill our Pinot Noir before serving because of the heat.

One wardrobe malfunction led to another that evening and soon the entire wait staff was topless. Being a huge wine tasting weekend, Sub Rosa was filled out-of-towners including some French guests. There is something about being on vacation that releases the inhibitions. It wasn’t long until half the female guests had doffed their tops as well. You would have thought you were at some French Rivera private party, but no – just another magical weekend night at Sub Rosa in Dundee.

We’ve been known to cook topless with only the benefit of a kitchen apron separating us from the raw flame. Nude barbecue, while not the rule can happen on hot summer evening at Sub Rosa.

Sub Rosa’s feeling is that both men and women deserve to go topless. Get over it already. You’re starting to accept screw caps as alternatives to cork in wine bottles. You might as well get used to both sexes running around topless.

Nothing says classy like, Show me your hooters – with a $100 bottle of wine rather than Miller LIte.