Wendy’s VP says E. coli salad safe – provides no evidence

From the growing catalogue of worst things to say after an outbreak of foodborne illness, Dan Moore, the owner of the Wendy’s franchise on Prospect Street in New Brunswick said yesterday,

“The senior vice-president of Wendy’s was here (on Saturday) to inspect the restaurant."

Further, all required precautions have been taken, and customers can safely eat salads, as well as any other menu items.

The Wendy’s outlet was linked to an E. coli O157 outbreak that hit four people who ate Wendy’s salads.

What any consumer would want to know is, where did the lettuce or tomatoes come from, and what kind of on-farm food safety program is being used by the producer, including water testing, testing of soil amendments, and employee sanitation. Don’t want employees wiping their butts and picking fresh lettuce; same with the Wendy’s staff.

If it only takes a senior vp to make food safe, in the absence of any evidence, then lots more food should be safe because there are lots of senior vps.