Airport food safety faux pas

As a follow-up to Alison Young’s Dec. 23/09 piece on airport food safety –she interviewed both me and Chapman but we didn’t say anything quotable — Mindy Meeks writes in today’s USA Today that she worked at the Colorado Springs airport for almost 10 years, and twice yearly inspections were routine.

It was usually known throughout the building when the inspection was due, so at that time everything was cleaned thoroughly, right down to the inside of the garbage cans. When the inspector arrived (every six months), the gloves went on, and phone calls were made to all of the restaurants. Everyone would make sure everything was in order to pass the inspection.

So nobody ever saw a cook using a spoon after tasting the soup, or a utensil after it had been dropped on the floor. Nobody ever saw moldy vegetables washed and turned into soup. The list goes on and on. My advice? Pack a sandwich.