Danger: This email contains barf, poop and foodborne pathogens, fund bites.ksu.edu

What we have discovered at bites.ksu.edu is that it’s best to be obvious and when possible, humorous. Food safety information can be boring, leading to complacency. We make important food safety information accessible and interesting to everyone, because everyone eats.

bites.ksu.edu daily news e-mails are read by food safety professionals, journalists, students, chefs, regulators – really anyone — around the world. barfblog has 10,000 unique visitors every day. Our downloadable infosheets are posted and read by food workers everywhere. We also do videos and crisis communication.

From feedback and field studies, we know the bites-style works. (Here comes the NPR part of the letter.) While effective, it is also expensive. Stories have to be compiled, videos shot, infosheets designed, funny pictures found and coffee brewed. It takes time and it takes money.

We need your help to not only continue what we are doing, but to expand the range of the people we help. We have found a formula that works.

(Food Safety Info + A little commentary + A little Fun) x The Internet  = Safer Food.

Whether you read barfblog, share the info from our e-mails with colleagues or post our infosheets in food prep areas, you have come to rely on bites, and that was our goal from the beginning.

If you like what we are doing please take the time to make a tax-deductible contribution to bites or barfblog by clicking on the DONATE button at either bites.ksu.edu or barfblog.com.

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