It’s not cool to barf on other people, or Susan Sarandon

It’s never good to throw up on other people. Babies and young children can be excused, but what kind of amateur drunk throws up on someone else’s shoes; or on someone else (I’m looking at you, Dani).

Foodborne or not, it’s not cool to barf on other people. Even celebrities. The New York Post reports that the actress Susan Sarandon (right, sorta as shown) was among the late-night partygoers celebrating the third anniversary of the Lower East Side burlesque club, The Box, when transsexual performer Rose Wood vomited on stage directly onto the Oscar winner.

A witness reports, "She actually handled it very well. She was laughing while a bunch of guys came over to towel her off."

As noted in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, always take a towel, wherever you go. Always.