KSU Alumnus presents ‘Efficient use of Earth’s resources: Providing food for the world’s people’

Dr. Dan Upson presented ‘Efficient Use of Earth’s Resources: Providing Food for the World’s People’ last night at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The presentation brought the production of food back to the basics of biology, from the basics of photosynthesis and fertilization of the soil to the formation of glucose to make energy. Dr. Upson explored the properties of energy sources like starch and cellulose, pointing out that ruminants are the only ones able to utilize the energy contained in cellulose. This emphasized the importance of the ruminant animal in our growing population and the need to continue research to improve beef production.

These topics highlighted the current state of the agriculture industry, which has come under attack in recent years for utilizing technology to improve production methods.
“There are those that want to take away the technology from the beef cattle industry, they are intelligent people but they are totally ignorant of the real world.”
Upson continued by showing the nutritional aspects of animal protein, containing all of the amino acids in proper quantities essential for maintenance and growth. The evening was sponsored by the KSU Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA), the Beef Cattle Institute, and a new group on campus Food For Thought.
From their blog:
Food For Thought (FFT) is a group of Kansas State University undergraduate, graduate and veterinary students looking to bridge the gap between agriculture and consumers. FFT strives provide consumers with answers about where their food comes from by empowering agriculturalists, informing consumers, and confronting myths about modern agriculture.
Dr. Upson attended KSU as an undergrad, a veterinary student, and also as a doctoral student in physiology. He is also a 2004 KSU Alumni Medallion Award Winner and a respected member of the KState community.