Sharing tips, doggie dining and escaping DC; the TGI Friday’s airport version

TGI Friday’s, a standard fare, sit-down restaurant chain found in many U.S. airports, now includes a Sharing Guide, a somewhat feeble attempt to be humorous and encourage consumption of TGI deliciousness – or whatever the food should be called.

Being the food safety nerd, I initially thought the guide perhaps had some food safety merit. But I soon realized the spinach dip technique actually encouraged the dreaded double-dip. The licking a friend’s fingers thing looked weirdly androgynous.

Then, while sitting at TGI Friday’s on Monday waiting for the planes to finally start flying again out of Reagan International Airport in Washington, D.C. — to escape Snowmageddon as the locals were calling the storm – a woman briskly walked into the restaurant carrying a pocket pooch, sat down and ordered food while caressing the dog. The woman also had a dog carrier, but the little fella had to be out and about.

I guess doggie dining inside establishments is OK in D.C. We’re glad to be home.