10-year-old’s salsa business gets visit from Calif. health department

The spirit of a crazed Glenn Beck has been transferred to the Sacramento Bee where the paper reports how 10-year-old Diego Bartolome just wanted to start a salsa business to help his mom after she lost her job and instead got a crash course in red tape.

The story says that Bartolome co-founded a hot little salsa company, grossing $1,000 from his Diego’s Awesome Salsa by December and landing accounts at grocery stores. The salsa boy also got a taste of the media spotlight, with a profile in The Bee and an appearance on Channel 31’s "Good Day Sacramento."

Then the food police paid him and his mom a visit. An inspector from the state Department of Public Health noticed in a TV segment that Diego’s Awesome Salsa wasn’t labeled properly, and there were possible temperature-control issues.

Diego’s Awesome Salsa got accounts at grocery stores? Who was the third-party auditor that approved a supplier that hadn’t passed even basic health code requirements?