Golfers file lawsuit against club because of watercooler full of feces and urine

I really like Amy.

She’s annoying and neurotic, but no worse than me, and who isn’t?

So I won’t be going on the annual golf trip with the boys from Guelph. I went last year because it was part of a North Carolina road trip, but took Amy and Sorenne and spent the couple of days doing my best Herb Tarlek impersonation from the television show, WKRP in Cincinnati, with, “I thought we were supposed to bring our wives?”

When I do golf, I bring my own water, from the municipal tap.

Three golfers in Clearwater, Florida, have filed a lawsuit against Countryside Country Club, alleging they got sick from club watercoolers that contained "adulterated water." A press release from the Law Office of Tragos & Sartes indicates that the cooler on the golf course’s eighth hole was vandalized and contained feces and urine.

The lawsuit claims that on July 18, 2009, the men were golfing and drank from the water cooler. It was hot, so they said they were "guzzling" the water. Upon noticing an "unnatural taste," one of the plaintiffs opened the container and discovered urine and feces.

His son immediately "became ill and vomited on the tee box at hole number 8," while he and his father later developed fevers and other symptoms.