Hasn’t hit this lawyer yet — no references but lots of rhetoric

When I first met Amy in 2005, I tried to impress her with some mixed tapes – because I’m a total nerd – of music like Weezer, and the Tragically Hip and Neil Young, and Blue Rodeo.

The later is a Toronto-based band I’ve seen many times, but not as many as Chapman, who has sortofa cult thing going on with them.

Amy really likes the 1993 Blue Rodeo song, Hasn’t Hit Me Yet, for its evocative nature –I agree the band hit their peak on this album – and it applies to yet another food industry lawyer type who just doesn’t seem to get it.

One of the Defending Food Safety lawyerly dudes – they represent companies – said today that current statistics confirm that approximately 70 percent (sic) of all food-borne (sic) illnesses (or, about 50 million illnesses annually) have nothing to do with the underlying safety of food. Rather, the majority of illnesses are caused by contamination where food products are prepared. As a result, if consumers and those who handle foods simply wash their hands, and prepare foods appropriately, most food-borne (sic) illness can be eradicated.


There is none. This is a rhetorical rather than an actual argument based on data.

The dude also says,

“… in most instances, (foodborne illness can) be virtually eliminated in the kitchen.”

People who believe this stuff are stuck in 1993.