Top 10 fast food movies: Kumar and 4/20 modified version

After I republished Shadowlocked’s top-10 fast food movies last week, I received numerous e-mails insulting my pop culture knowledge and questioning my sanity.

How could I not include Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Harold and Kumar go to White Castle?

I didn’t make the list. I commented on it.

Harold and Kumar though deserves special attention for a number of reasons.

It’s 4/20.

It’s a fabulous movie about racism in America.

I made Chapman watch it one afternoon at my house in Guelph while eating grilled steak.

And Kumar – who goes by Kal Penn – was apparently robbed at gunpoint last night while walking in a neighborhood in Washington D.C.

Here’s Willie Nelson celebrating 4/20 somewhat prematurely on Larry King.