Top 5 Records presents: Top 10 fast food movies

The folks at Shadowlocked decided to create conversation with their Top-10 fast food movies, and I’ve inserted my culturally-backwards comments below.

10: Grease (1978)
Didn’t care for it. Might as well watch Welcome Back Kotter to get early John Travolta.

9: Waitress (2007)
Not bad, although sad that writer/director Adrienne Shelly was murdered three months before its debut and never learnt of its acceptance into the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

8: Batteries Not Included (1987)

7: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café (1991)
Chick flick. While I’m sentimental, hated this one.

6: Legion (2010)
Didn’t see it.

5: Pulp Fiction (1994)
John Travolta again, and he speaks French like I do — Royale with cheese.

4: American Graffiti (1973)
Isn’t Ron Howard the most likeable person in Hollywood? Or is that Tom Hanks.

3: Mystic Pizza (1988)
Awful. I want to feed Julia Roberts sugar cubes.

2: Clerks II (2006)
Awesome. Amy and me and some 50 frat boys saw the movie in the theater when it came out. Amy’s a wordsmith and has an ear for the dialogue of writer/director Kevin Smith (suck it, N.J. Devils, but yeah you go to my hometown of Brantford, Ontario — that’s in Canada – to boost Walter Gretzky’s annual charity road hockey event). It gets better with repeated viewing.

1: Diner (1982)

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