You wear a thong to this restaurant, you pay extra

Darwin is way up north in Australia, near the equator, so it’s hot most of the time.

But that’s no excuse for fat German tourists in Speedos. Anywhere.

Northern Territory News reports that of John Spellman’s Tramontana restaurant on McMinn St. is now charging patrons $10 for wearing thongs while they dine (and they probably mean flip-flops, but the idea of dining in a thong made a better story).

The "thongage" charge is announced in a sign on the door Last night Mr Spellman said the "campaign" was setting the tone for his "boutique" restaurant.

"It’s a formal restaurant – tablecloths, napkins. I wear shoes and socks," he said.

"There’s actually a button on the register. I just put it on the bill – you don’t have to argue about it. Two lamb chops, one thongage.