Dirty thumbs: sent from my Blackberry

barfblog.com reader – and now several-time commenter – writes why do the Dirty Thumbers — the important individuals at work, at the mall, in a restaurant and other public venues – have to type away on their smart phone while pooping. So many times have I heard the clickity clack of a Blackberry scroll ball coming from the stall next to me or better yet the guy at the urinal with the smart phone in one hand and …

There was this one time I was at the urinal and felt my Blackberry vibrate in my pocket.

Of course I looked –after I washed my hands- outside of the restroom, in the hall, and it was an email from a fellow co-worker. A well written and concise message about a project he is working on with me. As I placed my Blackberry back in my pocket I was abruptly greeted by that same coworker exiting the restroom. He was obviously just in the crapper thumbing away. After an awkward glance and me now realizing he was a Dirty Thumber, I walked back to my desk and wondered to myself… “if I ever found this guy laying face down on the street and I didn’t have my phone but his was readily available, could I bring myself to calling 911 on his?.” Al Bundy use to say his best thoughts came to him while sitting on the throne…may be that is true for some people. However, if someone wants to make a smart phone smarter….engineer it out of antimicrobial parts.