Water testing scam in Manhattan (Kansas) and Australia (Australia)

About a week ago some kid came to the door requesting a water sample. Some sort of free testing he said, but he had no identification and the city just doesn’t send people out in trashy cars with no mufflers.

I said no and shut the door and went back to the-by-now barking dogs and crying kid.

A few days ago Australia’s Herald Sun reported that a contaminated water scam is being used to fleece thousands of dollars from Victorian householders.

Doorknockers doing bogus drinking water quality tests are offering free filters through a fake government rebate, then charging up to $3000 for maintenance over 10 years.

Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson said residents were frightened into thinking their water was polluted, adding,

"Do not deal with anyone claiming to represent this scheme and do not give them any money."

Industry sources said shysters often changed company names or falsely claimed to be from a water authority.

Yarra Valley Water managing director Tony Kelly said in most cases, water filters were an unnecessary expense, adding,

"While some customers may choose to purchase a water filter for reasons such as taste, there is no need to filter tap water for health and safety purposes.”