Funnel cake, fireworks and Salmonella – 4th of July celebration Parkville-style

Gonzalo Erdozain, like Nicolas Cage in the movie, The Family Man, likes his funnel cake. He writes,


This year, my wife and I spent July 4 in Parkville, Missouri. On Sunday, I found hand sanitizer at a pizza restaurant. Yes, exactly as shown, left, on a tray with grated cheese, salt, pepper, sweeteners and hand sanitizer.


I used it, but I should have taken it with me, because what I saw next could have definitely used some hand sanitizing action. Enticed by the pouring rain, frogs started appearing all over the place.


As expected, kids chased and grabbed them – bad idea, reptiles and amphibians are known for carrying Salmonella in their skin – and some adults screamed and cried. But the guy that gets the prize for “Worst Idea Ever” was the guy manhandling the frog – in an attempt to keep it away from a crying lady – and then eating funnel cake with those same hands.