Over 80 sick from campylobacter in Montana resort well water

Whenever I go to a cottage or a camp – rare these days — I always ask about the water source, how often it is tested and whether it is chlorinated. Most people can readily answer; some can’t.

County and state health officials on Friday said several people have become ill after consuming water from a privately owned public water supply near Hebgen Lake, Montana (right, exactly as shown).

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services has confirmed 14 cases of campylobacter gastrointestinal illness. Information collected about the cases "strongly suggests that exposure occurred at the Campfire Lodge Resort," according to the statement. At least 70 more cases are considered "probable."
Along with county health agents and DPHHS, the Montana Department of

The owners of the resort are cooperating with the probe, and have taken action to prevent future illnesses.