Parents not liable if kids vomit in cab: German court

Two years ago, flying home from Florida, I was sitting beside the one daughter who accompanied us and, as we landed, just like daddy sometimes, she hurled.

I was a pro, collected every drop in the barf bag, disembarked the plane and deposited the stuff in the first garbage can.

A month ago, 19-month-old Sorenne barfed all over Amy as she was getting ready for bed. I went in to help and immediately began barfing myself.

Who can account for these things?

A district court in Munich, Germany, ruled yesterday that parents should not be forced to foot the bill for cleaning costs if their child suddenly throws up in a taxi.

The ruling on the case of a couple whose nine-year-old daughter was sick in the back seat of a taxi after they had asked the driver to stop as the girl was unwell.

The driver demanded 190 euros (239 dollars) for cleaning as well as 800 euros to hire a replacement cab.

The presiding judge urged the parties to settle the case amicably, according to a press statement, saying it would be "sensible" for the parents to pay for the cab to be cleaned.

However, the parents of the nine-year-old refused.

The judge ruled that there is no "absolute liability" for children.

"If a child is sick in a taxi and therefore soils it, the parents are only liable if they knew their child was nauseous and still did nothing to prevent the damage," the court ruled.