Suspected salmonella poisoning closes Wisconsin restaurant

Officials with the Kenosha County Health Department have shut down a local restaurant after at least 10 people have been confirmed with salmonella poisoning.

The Kenosha News reports an official with the Kenosha County Health Department confirmed that it closed Baker Street Restaurant & Pub, 6208 Green Bay Road, but that official would not comment about why the restaurant was closed down.

However, Tom Stemple, an employee of Tricoli Restaurants, which owns Baker Street, said 10 to 18 people who ate at the restaurant were sick with salmonella and owner Lou Tricoli was contacting all of his Baker Street employees to get them tested, adding,

“He’s gathering everyone together, trying to interview them to help find out the source of this. He’s trying to sort things out so that he can help protect everyone —his employees and the public.”