Heston still don’t know noro but praised for TV show

Norovirus denier Heston Blumenthal was praised by the Sydney Morning Herald for his television show, Heston’s Feasts, and his scientific approach to food prep, including exploding duck and edible eyeball.

“… believe it or not, watching half a dozen B-grade British celebrities get slowly shickered as plate upon plate of outlandish meals is piled before them and they try to describe the experience in their own words is classic, thesaurus-less, comedy gold. When they’re gobsmacked, they admit it. ‘I’m gobsmacked.’” Similarly, if they’re amazed, they’ll get straight to the point. ‘’That’s amazing!’ an amazed TV presenter screeches, before adding: ‘I’m totally amazed!’

What’s amazing is a chef of such abilities insists on remaining clueless about the norovirus that sickened 529 patrons of Heston’s Fat Duck restaurant, blaming suppliers, and allowing sick employees to continue working.