Australians fall ill at the Commonwealth Games

A good friend of mine is competing in the Commonwealth Games and I’m looking forward to see how everything pans out.  Well, it seems as if some of his competition may not be doing so well.  
Commonwealth Games organisers have ordered an inspection of all food at the athletes village after Australians fell ill after eating there.
Swimmers Ryan Napoleon and Rob Hurley, and swim coach Matt Brown, suffered a classic case of Delhi Belly on Sunday night after eating a meat bolognese pasta at the village dining hall.
But Commonwealth Games Federation president Mike Fennell on Tuesday suggested their sudden sickness may not have come from the village – despite athletes being restricted to the campus apart from training and competition.
"We have asked for a check on the food, but we were not told that it necessarily came from the village, it could have come from anywhere," Fennell said.
"All I am saying, the village food, the caterers, we have asked to inspect fully."
Delhi Games organising committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi said the food at the village had attracted rave reviews.