Dirty Dining and Blue Ribbon Dining Vegas-style

KTNV reports that Las Vegas’ Yun Nan Garden on Schiff Drive off of Valley View regularly serves Chinese Szechuan cuisine to patrons. But a total of 46 demerits caused the Southern Nevada Health District to force the restaurant to close its doors.

The restaurant’s walk-in cooler registered at 46 degrees, too warm for properly storing food. Beef, chicken, and pork sitting out at an unsafe temperature created what inspectors called a "potentially hazardous" situation.

Then, inspectors found a large cooking pot covered with food debris sitting with clean dishware. A food handler was also observed sticking their finger into a wok to taste the food before they resumed cooking – without washing their hands.

Also, two different employees were found to be working without health cards, which are required paperwork for anyone with a restaurant job.

Now that Yun Nan Garden has re-opened after re-inspection, Channel 13 stopped by to speak with the owner about what changes had been made. He assured us everything was once again up to code.

And, when media outlets do the dirty dining stuff, they usually get business pressure to praise the worthy as well. If I owned a restaurant and was doing everything right, I’d market my excellent food safety any way I could – but only if I was sure I was doing everything right.

KTNV also reported the Florida Cafe Cuban Bar and Grill is on Las Vegas Boulevard just south of Charleston has been open since 1998 and is a restaurant with a good record. The latest visit by the Southern Nevada Health District was to inspect the new buffet now serving up Cuban dishes on the weekends. The results were zero demerits with food at the right temperatures and a clean set up, safe for waiters and customers enjoying the food.

The Florida Cafe Cuban Bar and Grill has consistently earned an A grade with the exception of one C grade in 2001.

The Florida Cafe wasn’t the only recent restaurant to receive zero demerits. The Dive Bar on East Tropicana and the Michael Mina Restaurant at the Bellagio did as well.