Do you need food insurance insurance

Colbert and Stewart (Colbert Report and Daily Show) are paying too much attention to loonies like Glenn Beck. Real satire takes effort and this focus on Beck and Fox News just provides attention they don’t deserve.

So ignore the Glenn Beck endorsement of, and instead have fun with Colbert’s food insurance insurance, which, based on my understanding of foodborne illness and liability, is about exactly how the American food system functions when people barf. has designed an emergency pack and emergency kits to give people at least two weeks of great food and clean water until more permanent solutions can be obtained. Many of the meals are freeze-dried, which means they will last up to 10 years and retain their nutritional value. Also, unlike other survival food solutions that require you to grind wheat or employ some other 18th century skill, Food Insurance meals come prepackaged as lasagna, beef stroganoff, and a host of other great entrees. And to top it off, this food comes packaged in a high quality backpack so you can grab it and go."

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Food Insurance Insurance
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