Phillies fan pukes on the field; caught on Fox broadcast

Baseball is one of my guilty pleasures (along with Pearl Jam, taking baths and walking around malls). Fantasy baseball (known to nerds like me as Rotisserie baseball and to my wife as fake baseball) is an even guiltier pleasure. I started playing about 10 years ago with a bunch of guys I didn’t know and have continued to get together in-person and online with them to talk trash about players who we "manage".

A few years ago I came close to winning the league (but it all fell apart in the last two weeks of the season; I ended up in third place). That year I had Freddy Sanchez on my team (then of the Pittsburgh Pirates, now of the San Francisco Giants) for a couple of months. Last night, playing in the National League Championship Series vs the Phillies, Freddy fouled a ball towards the stands near 3rd base. As Fox’s cameras panned to follow the ball, they caught a fan in the first row throwing up on the field (see below, exactly as shown).

There’s something about puke at Phillies games: earlier this year another fan was charged with assault, reckless endangerment, and disorderly conduct after allegedly intentionally vomiting on an 11-year-old girl and her father during a game.

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