Burger King employee diagnosed with hepatitis A

There’s been a few cases of hepatitis A showing up in the Ashland, Kentucky area over the past few days.

Today, investigators think they’ve indentified the source: a food service worker at Burger King who had to not only test positive, but have poop on his hands to transmit the virus.

WSAZ reports the Ashland-Boyd County Health Department has confirmed the employee worked the drive-thru window during the week of November 7 and the dates of November 15 and 17. The employee’s contact with patrons was limited to the drive-thru window, so patrons who ate inside the restaurant were not at risk of exposure. Since the employee was not involved in food preparation, the risk of becoming ill is low.

The employee was a close contact of a previously identified case of Hepatitis A.

So far all of the cases in Boyd County are linked to close contacts of earlier cases. No cases associated only with consuming food items from the restaurant have been identified as of Tuesday, November 23.