Calif. man convicted of attacking moviegoer with digital thermometer

In light of breaking news from the L.A. Times, the editors have decided to alter the thermometer use message to ‘Stick it In – Food, not People.’

A Lancaster man was convicted of attempted murder Thursday and faces up to life in prison for attacking a moviegoer with a digital thermometer.

A jury convicted Landry Boullard, 40, of premeditated attempted murder in the February assault, which attracted widespread attention because of the motive and the weapon. The victim had asked Boullard’s female companion to stop talking on a cellphone during the movie.

The digital thermometer punctured the neck of the victim, a 27-year-old man who was accompanied by his fiancee. The victim also sustained blows to the head, causing bleeding in the brain that resulted in a coma. He nearly died and remained hospitalized for five weeks. He continues to suffer from blurred vision in his right eye and other medical problems.