Dodd defends: E. coli and salmonella in cattle production

Chuck Dodd looked fairly snappy as he defended his PhD (below, left) today – to go with his MS and DVM – but he spent much of the past three years (right), knee deep in cow poop.

Chuck’s thesis was entitled, Epidemiology of Salmonella and E. coli O157 in Beef Cattle Production Systems and included four interrelated studies:

• effects of Salmonella Newport SRP® vaccine;
• prevalence and persistence of Salmonella;
• relatedness of E. coli O157 in feces and on carcasses; and,
• a simulation model for E. coli O157 interventions.

During his defense, Chuck said he learned “you can’t test or inspect your way to food safety. It’s the entire system.”

Good for him, and best wishes. When he finally washes out the cow smell, Chuck’s off to the Landstufl Regional Medical Center in Germany.