Aloha Kitchen inspected, Spam is a Hawaiian fav

KTNV Action News – that’s Action News Las Vegas — paid a visit to Aloha Kitchen which serves traditional Hawaiian favorites from Mahi Mahi to Spam.


I’m sitting in Minnesota with a bunch of Minnesotans, including Amy’s aunt (right, pretty much as shown) and they all proudly pronounced that Hormel sells more Spam to Hawaii than any other state.

I asked them how they knew this.

Because Hormel is Minnesota, dontchaknow.

At the Aloha grill in Vegas, inspectors found cooked Chicken Katsu left sitting out on the grill, noting it should be kept at a proper temperature inside a steamer.

Cooks were cited for putting on gloves without washing their hands, and uncovered pans of food were found sitting on top of each other inside the cooler.
Additionally, some food didn’t have labels, cardboard boxes were being used as containers, the ice machine was cited for being dirty, and Windex was stored above a bag of onions.

Action News never heard back from Aloha Kitchen.

The health district says Aloha Kitchen was re-inspected and actually downgraded to a "C" due to repeat violations. But they were re-inspected the very next day and received an "A."

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