Salmonella and sprouts again – but just a few sickies

Clover and clover mix products from Sprouters Northwest Inc. of Kent, Wash., have been recalled because they have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella. The company reports that a few cases of salmonella might be linked to sprouts.

Is that like saying monkeys might fly out of my butt? Sprouters Northwest does offer this mission statement on its website:

“To provide our customers and the public with the freshest, healthiest, and best tasting sprouts available. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product while strictly adhering to all local, state, and federal regulations and guidelines.”

And only a few will get salmonella.

This is the problem with setting standards with everything. The growers say, “we meet all stringent standards,” without bothering to go above and beyond. Ford may have once said the Pinto met all federal standards.

The recall includes the following products, all with a "best by" date of 1/16/11 and earlier:
—4 oz. (UPC 8 15098 00201 6) and 5 oz. (UPC 0 33383 70235 3) containers of Clover sprouts.
—1-lb. bags of Clover (UPC 0 79566 12351 5), and 2-lb. trays of Clover (UPC 0 79566 12362 1).
—Clover Onion sprouts in 4 oz. (UPC 0 79566 12361 4) and 5 oz. (UPC 0 79566 12361 4) containers.
—Deli sprouts in 4 oz. (UPC 8 79566 12305 4) and 5 oz. (UPC 0 33383 70267 4) containers.
—Spicy sprouts in 4 oz. (UPC 8 15098 00202 3) containers.
—Brocco sandwich sprouts in 4 oz. (UPC 8 15098 00028 9) containers.
For more information: Call the company at 253-872-0577.