Slime in the icemaker makes me gag

Or it makes Larry Hicks of Pennsylvania’s York Dispatch gag.

Hicks says there are numerous restaurants in York County he wouldn’t patronize if he was starving to death because they’ve done poorly on their food inspections, and that in reading recent restaurant inspection reports, "slime inside the icemaker or ice bin is enough to make me gag. No excuse for that. Same for food prep personnel not frequently washing their hands. …

“Having food storage refrigerators that don’t maintain the proper temperatures or failing to keep food preparation areas clean does not cut it with me.

"One failing restaurant had bottles of liquor with dead insects inside the bottles. How can that happen? The same place stored raw chicken over ready-to-eat foods in the refrigerated walk-in. C’mon, we know better than that if we’re in the food business, don’t we?

"I understand it’s practically impossible for any and all restaurants not to occasionally have a mouse find its way into the kitchen. The occasional bug (even a cockroach) is to be expected, as well. But an infestation of those critters is not acceptable under any circumstances. If I know there’s been an infestation, I cross the place off my list. I just don’t go there.

"Because it indicates to me that there’s a lack of attention to detail in that particular restaurant. It’s not focused on what is important.

"I’m not only glad food safety regulations are enforced but that the results of the inspections are made a matter of public record. I read those stories every time.

"Otherwise, we’d have no clue what’s going on in the back of the restaurant.
Unless … restaurants start telling us when they score well on their food safety inspections.

"Maybe that could be the next trend in the food service industry."

Sounds like marketing food safety. Bring it on.