But celebrities have tea here: Victorian-style cafe fined over salmonella

I don’t care about personal or business fetishes – go ahead and wear that Victorian garb – but if you’re going to make chocolate mousse cake and serve it to a bunch of people, use pasteurized instead of raw eggs.

A U.K. court heard that 10 customers and staff were stricken with salmonella after eating a chocolate mousse cake made with raw egg at Badgers’ cafe, Llandudno, in Sept, 2009. Badgers was fined £8,015, which will cut into the Victorian-era outfits worn by staff.

Badgers cafe admitted selling the cake when unfit for human consumption and apologised to those affected; the company also pleaded guilty to two breaches of food hygiene regulations a year later.

But not until Rhian Gilligan made the best food safety legal defense ever: the cafe had attracted high-profile politicians and celebrities and was visited by many holidaymakers during the summer.

In a statement after the case the Badgers company said it would like to apologize "unreservedly to those affected.

"Badgers has always sought to achieve the highest standards in food hygiene and customer service and continues to do so.”

More focus on food safety, less on the costumes.