Jim Romahn: Ontario egg whistleblower silenced – for now

The Supreme Court in London, Ontario has squelched whistleblower Norman Bourdeau – for now.

Madame Justice Helen Rady granted the request of lawyer Helen Webster, who was acting for L.H. Gray and Son Ltd. and its egg-production and egg-marketing businesses.
Webster cited the “sensitivity of the matter” and said the stack of documents filed in connection with the case contain “sensitive commercial information” such as about egg grading.

Justice Rady granted both of Webster’s requests – to seal the court documents, meaning the public can no longer look at them – and to “close the courtroom” while she and lawyer Rod Refcio, acting for Bourdeau, presented their agreement calling for an “interim injunction.”

If that injunction is similar to the main one filed by Gray and containing information used for news reports before the Tuesday, Feb. 22, hearing, it will prevent Bourdeau from releasing any information he has gathered about the Gray company and from speaking to anyone about the information.

Justice Rady told Webster that the sealing order will be “re-examined” when the case moves along to the stage of a “special appointment” before a different judge.

She said court proceedings should be open to the public.