Watch found in bag of sugar?

I’m not sure who buys 20 kg of sugar “for coffee and things” but Nubarak Nubarak, 46, of Mississauga, Ontario (that’s in Canada, and 44 pounds of sugar) found a watch in a 20-kg bag of Redpath sugar he bought Jan. 26 in west-end Toronto.

He called Peel Regional Police to find out who he should turn to for help.

On the advice of police, he called Peel’s public health officials who referred him to their counterparts in Toronto, where he purchased the sugar.

Gerry Lawrence of Toronto Public health said Nubarak was referred to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which has contacted him.

Nice run around.

Nancy Gavin, manager of brand development at Redpath Sugar Ltd., said the company adheres to strict quality guidelines (do they ever say anything else?).

"We have metal detectors on the line that would have or should have gone off.”