Cucumbers test positive for salmonella, recalled in 9 states

Food safety recalls in the absence of illness are an indicator the system is sorta working. They happen routinely, but in a food safety Internet culture that promotes repetition rather than analysis, the risk becomes amplified.

I do pay attention to unique vehicles. Salmonella in sprouts, happens all the time; salmonella in cucumbers, not so much.

A North Carolina company is recalling thousands of cucumbers that could be contaminated with salmonella.

L&M Companies Inc. of Raleigh, North Carolina said Friday there have been no reports of illness with its cucumbers, and none of its other products are involved.

The company says it decided on the recall after federal inspectors found salmonella last week on cucumbers at a Florida business. They were harvested on a south Florida farm at the end of March.

The cucumbers were distributed whole and in bulk in cartons marked Nature’s Delight with a lot number of PL-RID-002990. They were sent on April 7 to wholesalers in New York, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Nebraska, Texas and Wyoming.