Food safety failures at Top Chef’s restaurant

Top Chef glorifies food porn and features terrible food safety.

I do like the way they eliminate contestants, and wish I had thought of that when I was coaching 8-year-old girls rep hockey – your slapshot needs work and you have no idea what off-side means, please pack your skates and go home.

Top Chef winner Richard Blais’ Flip Burger failed an April 8 health inspection at its Buckhead location (that’s near Atlanta, in Georgia, U.S.). Dick, you wanna be a TV star, expect some attention.

The restaurant scored a 69 on an inspection last Friday (April 8). The Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness says a score of anything below a 70 is considered failing.

A new Fulton County health inspection conducted on Tuesday showed the Buckhead eatery with a passing score of 98.